01.Safe and Firm Construction   
     The ES-02FDS Standard Manual Hospital Bed's frame is made of steel with powder coating and 
      the mattress'
platform is made of ABS plastic which has ventilation holes.
Head and Foot Board Removable    
     The boards are made of ABS plastic, allowing for easy removal when in an emergency.
Full-length Side-rails
It made of ABS plastic and provides the optimum protection against a fall.
04.Mattress Stopper
     There are stoppers around the mattress platform.
05.I.V. Pole Holes and Drainage Bag Hangers   

     There are six I.V. pole holders around the bed and the hangers for the drainage bags on      
      each side of bed.
06.Gas Springs Assist the Bed Manipulation
     The hydraulic stick which extends the life of crank.



Overall bed length                                                          2090mm
Overall bed width                                                            970mm
Overall mattress base length                                                          1940mm
Overall mattress base width                                                            845mm
Overall bed height                                                    390~690mm


Back-rest                                                             0~80°
Knee gatch                                                             0~40°
Auto-chair                                                                     Y


Safe working load                                                              225kg
Castor diameter                                                                   5"
Back-rest CPR quick release lever                                                           Optional
Central brake and steering system                                                           Optional
I.V. pole holes
Drainage bags hanger                                                                     Y
Restraint belts holes                                                                     Y
Bumpers                                                                     Y
Head and foot borad removable                                                                     Y
Mattress stoppers                                                                     Y
Hand pendant control                                                                    N
Back-up battery                                                                    N


Central Brake and Steer System
This provides an efficient operation for caregivers without strain to mobilize the bed.